How to Treat Your İstanbul Escorts?

İstanbul Escorts are some of the classiest on the world. The olive beauties can make any man go weak in the knees with their deep dark sexy glances and it’s just phenomenal to have a date with them. Are you too planning a date with an Istanbul escorts? Well, lucky you- and here are the tips to make your experience more meaningful with them.

Be respectful

You should be respectful to their professional and maintain proper dignity while you are with them. Like any other pro you see around, the escorts too are professionals and hence deserve the due respect that you pay to other professionals.

Dont be late

The escorts Istanbul are busy damsels and you should be careful about their time. Don’t be late and when there is an unavoidable circumstance, please inform her in advance. They have many other clients to take care of and please don’t keep them on wait. If you cannot meet her on the scheduled, you can politely ask for another date. If you are courteous enough, your escort would readily oblige if she is free.


Dont force her

The escorts generally mention their preferred services on their profile page. So, go through it thoroughly and always make sure to discuss your specific interests with her when you call her. If she is not ready to do something for you, you must not force her to do anything that was not previously agreed upon.

Pay her as she arrives

Your escort won’t tell you this but she expects you to pay her the moment she arrives. It’s one of the most important etiquettes that you should keep in mind when you are on a date with escort. And please, do not haggle with the rates as that would only present you in bad taste.